Jeff Johnson

My name is Jeff Johnson and I am writing this recommendation for Cyndi Gates.I am a business consultant /adviser for Outdoor Education Companies. In my dealings with many business leaders, it always impresses me to meet upstanding, and very professional members of the communities I serve. In this case, Cyndi Gates is one of the most professional, kind, courteous, ethical and steadfast business folks that we all enjoy dealing with any community our business partners meet. Cyndi makes sure that all her customers needs are met to fullest degree of integrity and satisfies all concerns for anyone doing business with her in Napa Valley. Cyndi Gates is the model for all; other business professionals to emulate. I enjoy recommending any of our clients who come into Napa Valley to meet and confer with Cyndi Gates and Associates. No one will leave Napa Valley disappointed. After meeting Cyndi they too will further recommend Cyndi Gates for any special needs they are searching for as they travel to and from their business ventures.

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