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The Small Town Atmosphere in The Big City

The success of any area depends heavily on its ability to grow in every aspect. A fact, which drives many places to industrialize and expand at unsustainable rates. Progress and success are good things to strive for, but is it really worth the cost? The problem when areas progress too fast is that it loses the spirit of what made people want to live there in the first place.

A Big Small Town

The small town atmosphere is something that’s difficult to describe, and incredibly easy to lose. The subtle charm attracts people who want to get away from the hectic minute-by-minute style of life in the big cities. But nobody wants to stay in a small town forever; is there any way for a city to progress without compromising what made it great in the first place?

Fortunately, a template for that already exists in St. Helena. The city serves as an important business and banking center for the wine industry in Napa Valley, but it only has an area of four square miles. It’s not very big, but maintains a significant role in the economy of the region that allows it to grow in value. According to official records, the city’s annual budget is approximately $6.7 million, while its value is greater than $1 billion.

Balancing Progress and Values

The only way this is even possible is because the people of St. Helena themselves made it their goal to maintain as much of the small town atmosphere of their city as possible. Every decision takes plenty of planning and consideration simply to keep everything in check. All that hard work is paying off though, as St. Helena is now a model city that many in the region want to emulate.

It’s never easy to balance the need for growth and progress with spirit and roots, but St. Helena has done so through great effort, and is maintaining it with excellence. If you want to live in a place where you can make a difference, while enjoying a peaceful state of life, contact us today, and move to St. Helena. Our teams will work closely with you to find the perfect home that suits both your ambition and demeanor.

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