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Living in a Field of Grapes: Every Retired Wine Lover’s Dream

There’s nothing better than retiring in a place that feels like home. For a typical wine lover, retiring in a place that thrives in luscious grapes and fine-tasting wine is the ultimate dream.

Most Americans toy with the idea of buying a small home nestled in the heart of a vineyard. After all, living in a wine country offers numerous benefits for retiring folks. Apart from the idea of owning a chateau or winery, life in the vineyards can be really beautiful.

Sceneries Unlike Any Other

Vineyards offer one-of-a-kind, picturesque views retirees will love. The vinescapes offer grapes that grow in perfection, all within sight of these luscious fruits rolling in pleasant valleys or rolling hills, framed with the sight of mountains, lakes, and rivers.

Retirees will also enjoy living in a home surrounded with thick grapevines. The deep color and gnarled trunks of the vines are pleasant to look at. Also, who wouldn’t want live in the presence of mouth-watering grapes?

Suitable Weather Conditions

Wine countries offer fine weather conditions for retired folks — neither too hot nor cold. Grape vines thrive in less temperate climates, so the thought of enduring harsh local conditions is not an option for wine valley residents.

In the best wine countries, such as Napa Valley, locals describe the weather condition as ideal. Residents can enjoy daily activities without worrying about scorching suns or strong winds.

Numerous Must-See Attractions

Life at wine countries offers endless attractions to satisfy retirees, especially for the wine lovers. Wine tours from the best wineries feature tasting rooms, food pairings, and on-site visits. Wine lover retirees can enjoy cheese pairings with their favorite drinks as they enjoy the scenery.

Apart from locations that feed the inner wine lover, a number of areas serve as hot beds of “slow food” movements, which celebrates traditional agricultural practices. After all, it’s not just about the wine: it’s also about the cheeses, mushrooms, livestock, and the bundles of fresh fruits.

Settling down in a wine country is one of the best decisions retirees can make. Feed your inner wine lover by choosing a home nestled in the heart of luscious grapevines. Fulfill your retirement dreams with the help of Gates Estates. Call our office now and we’ll help you find the home of your dreams.

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