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A Primer to Napa Valley’s Contemporary Art Scene

With all the wineries, the quiet and the scenic rolling hills, Napa Valley only naturally attracts the more artistic crowd. Who wouldn’t want a home in the quaint side of California where the art is as vibrant and abundant as the wine?

Contrary to popular belief, Napa Valley is not just home to a thriving winemaking and food service industry. This side of California, although a little off the mainstream scene, is also home to nearly a dozen internationally recognized contemporary art galleries.

Wolk Gallery

Wolk Gallery is one of the first of the independent galleries in the region. Despite identifying itself liberated of the wineries, this gallery is known across Napa Valley for its fine contemporary art, classic sculptures and pop art paintings. Oprah Winfrey and the Queen of Jordan frequent this gallery.

di Rosa Contemporary Art Museum

Housing the largest collection of contemporary work by artists from the Bay area, di Rosa Contemporary Art Museum is a 125-year old property comprised of two galleries and a main residence. This contemporary art museum is popular for its collection that extends all over the garden and courtyard.

The Hess Collection

Donald Hess, a famous Swiss art collector, invested in a winery estate and an art gallery deep in Napa’s redwood forests known as The Hess Collection. This houses bodies of work from over 60 of the finest contemporary artists of today. Here, it is the wine that compliments the art.

Clos Pegase

Another gallery built into a winery is Clos Pegase, a building that mimics the towering structures of a Mediterranean castle. It is most famous for the sculptures and installations that litter its grounds and the gardens, as well as the wall hangings draped over wine barrels that usher art enthusiasts in.

Mumm Napa

Mumm Napa houses Napa’s biggest collection of fine art photography. Most distinct is the black and white prints by Ansel Adams ranging from landscapes, architectural studies and portraits. The photographs are exhibited in the winery’s long and clean corridors.

There are more galleries in Napa other than these five. It is no wonder millennials and creatives are moving to this side of California and taking greater interest in the available estates. Gates Estates offers a series of affordable real estate properties, like Rutherford, which is located in the larger Napa Valley AVA.

Rutherford promises artists, creatives and residents a taste of the good life and good art. For more information about our community and properties, contact us today.

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